The Hect Haus /// Living Room Tour

We took down our Christmas tree the day after New Years. I’m not going to lie, I could have left it up for the entire winter. We’re big fans of Christmas over here. But a New Year called for a clean slate in the living room. The living room is far from complete but I’m happy to bring you along for the journey. You’ll have to appreciate the dust, scuffed up coffee table, and many other imperfections. This is real life, right?

Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0001Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0002Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0004Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0009


What do you think of the 60’s wood wall? I wish I could say I loved it at first sight. But it took some convincing from Nicholas to make me love it. Now that we have all of our furniture in here I won’t ever be painting over it. It adds so much warmth and Mid Century character to the room. Don’t mind that it still needs to be fully cleaned ;). Now that we have the buffet against this wall I’d like to get a tall plant or tree to put in the corner to balance it out. There was already a hole in the wall for a clock so I figured it could be a good landing spot for our round mirror.  This corner definitly needs some love to make it feel finished. To be honest, so does the rest of the house. It feels great to have our living and dining room looking this finished already. We’ve only been in the new house for about three weeks, so I’ll call that a win in my book!


Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0007Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0003My collection of Mid Century decor finally as a home. Two of my favorites are the globe and lamp. Both of which I paid a few dollars for :D.


Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0014Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0006You’re probably thinking, did Tifani paint her living room purple? Why yes, yes I did. Its a long story. It will be white soon (hopefully). Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0008Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0012Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0013Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0010Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_living_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0017Next up is the dining room tour. Hint hint >> #allwhiteeverything

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