The Hect Haus /// Dining Room Tour

Talk about clean slate! I told you it would be all white everything. When we tore up the carpet in the living room and dining room we discovered that besides the living room there is asbestos tile everywhere in the house. It wasn’t the most exciting discovery to say the least, but I’m just thankful we have hardwoods in the living room. We have future plans for the kitchen and dining room so we weren’t ready to perminatly replace the dining room flooring so we went for the cheapest flooring option we could find. After some searching we decided on a white vinyl tile. It is definitely just a temporary fix until we renovate the kitchen in a couple years but I’m happy with how it turned out.Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_Dining_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0001The to do list is pretty long for the dining room

-finish cutting in

-paint trim/doors

-replace the chandelier

-replace window coverings

-find a rug

-decide on wall decor

Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_Dining_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0006

We have started to collect candle holders from our travels. The deer is from Amsterdam and the Christmas tree is from our most recent trip to Sweden. Two of my favorite things about scandinavian homes are their use of candles and indoor plants. Every windowsill and shelf is full of them. I love that I have a spot to try to do the same in our home.

Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_Dining_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0005We hosted some of our good friends for dinner last night. They were our first official guests and it really made it feel like home!

Home Tour_of_The_Hect_House_Dining_Room_ by_tifani_lyn_Mid_century_modern_home_renovation_0003

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