Shelby & Aaron :: IN LOVE


Aaron and Shelby met for the first time at SpringHill where they spent their summer working together as summer staff. Shelby didn’t know at the time, but she was the very first person to introduce herself to Aaron on his very first day. The only thought he had to himself was “Yep, I want to date this girl.”, but unfortunately the timing wasn’t quite right. Over the next couple of years they remained good friends; Shelby always joking about how “cute” and “little” Aaron’s future girlfriend would be (little did she know how right she was!) and Aaron playing it cool. A little over two years later Aaron and Shelby found themselves talking more and more, finding excuses to keep in contact. Simple stuff like Aaron pretending he had a hurt wrist so he could ask Shelby to how to make it better and Shelby embarking on outdoor adventures “needing” to borrow Aaron’s camping gear. After a few encounters in Grand Rapids including but not limited to: side hugs, awkward silences, terrible attempts at flirting and lots of beverages; the two decided to make the next step in their story by embarking on a long distance relationship where they obviously fell madly in love. Aaron and Shelby can’t wait to meet up for good in 2018 when the two begin their life together in Grand Rapids.


Back in the fall of 2016, Aaron decided to plan an adventure to Arizona for a week and he wanted Shelby to see out west for the very first time. He asked Shelby if she wanted to go with zero presumptions in mind. Shelby of course said yes but had some suspicions when the planning commenced. You see, Shelby hadn’t seen Aaron get excited enough to plan details of a trip thus far in their relationship and was thrown off by him being so proactive. Shelby went to her friends and exclaimed accusations of a proposal happening that week almost a half a year away! She knew before Aaron even did! Little did she know; this wasn’t Aaron’s first thought. In fact, he didn’t even decide to propose during that week until late into December when the plans were starting to shape up. (I guess Aaron is more predictable than he thinks!) Fast forward to the day of the proposal, and you’ll see that plans were failing fast. The day was supposed to be beautiful scenery with laughs and light heartedness, yet Shelby’s fear of heights prevailed. As it turns out, scrambling up the side of a mountain for half a day littered with crumbly rock, steep cliffs and cacti didn’t equate to a relaxing day. Shelby in shambles, crying most of the day made Aaron question whether he should wait for a better moment. After quickly descending the mountain side in a near sprint to beat the sunset, Aaron decided that “It’s now or never”. Quickly freshening up with baby wipes and deodorant, the two embarked on finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Blazing through the thickets of cacti and brush was well worth the location found off of Shnibley hill road in Sedona. The sun fell in the sky showing off the beautiful red rocks in all their glory. It was silent, pristine and perfect. It was everything Aaron could do to hold back the nervousness and excitement of what was about to happen, the anticipation was agony! When the time came to get up to leave Aaron got on one knee and pulled the ring from his jacket pocket and said: “Shelby Chambers, I know today wasn’t the happiest day of your life, but I was hoping this might change that. Will you marry me?” To this day neither Aaron nor Shelby know if she actually said yes to the proposal, the tears and emotions were the only thing that could be interpreted, but regardless of verbal “yes”, the ring on the left hand speaks for itself.


Shelby – The immense surprise, joy, and love that I felt as soon as I saw him when I turned around on one knee. We felt so much love for each other in that moment and we were both just in tears. But also margaritas… Aaron – I most enjoyed how special the moment was for just the two of us. I think by it being us alone on a mountainside. A beautiful scenery with my beautiful fiancé was all I could want in that moment. But margaritas were good too.


Shelby – Before we started dating I wrote a list of the qualities my future husband had to have. I love that Aaron has all of these and more. He loves Jesus, dancing, coffee, craft beer, and most importantly me. One thing I love most is the drive Aaron has to give our family a successful future. He is highly motivated and in response makes me motivated, I feel like we can conquer the world together. Aaron – What I love most about Shelby is how grounded she is. No matter what happens, no matter what shenanigans I pull, she is there being the solid person that she is. My wild ambitions and unorthodox thinking doesn’t scare her and I love it. She is the foundation that keeps me from being too much of an idiot.



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