Everyone always knows of a couple that was high school sweet hearts in High School and are still in a loving relationship. Ours, is not that story! However, we did meet in High School. We have been friends since half way threw high school and continued our friendship with no wavering. Our friend circle was all the same and we spent many days and nights hanging out with friends and having a great time creating memories. Never during that time did we ever consider committing ourselves to one another and starting a relationship. After many years of creating memories with friends, it all changed. Jason had a wedding to attend and needed a date. Whom better to ask then one of his best friends, me! We attended the wedding and had an amazing time. Getting to see alot of our friends and being told we looked very happy and cute together. After the night was over, we stayed up talking and and having an extremely great time. From that moment on, we spent every second of our free time together. Just the two of us, no more friends around. Things took off and we knew we had something special. Never did we imagine or plan for this to happen, but somehow it all lined up perfect and now we could not imagine life any different!


For anyone who knows me, they know my love for all things primitive and rustic. I am in love with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV and strive to be my very own Joanna Gains! My Uncle was getting married in Texas and my mom, sister and Calynn were planning on driving down there to attend his wedding. The rest of my family was unfortunately busy. including Jason. There was no way I was driving all the way to Texas and not making a pit stop in Waco to visit a place I have been dreaming of visiting for years, Magnolia Market! Once we finally got there, I was exuberant, but only one thing was missing, Jason. After shopping and exploring the market for a few hours, we headed outside to the big field where all the kids could play games. As I turned and looked, Jason was standing in the middle of the field, by himself, holding two small ring boxes. We had no idea what to think as I was in complete shock! Could this be real? Calynn ran over and gave him the biggest hug possible as we all were so exited he was here. I gave him a hug and asked what he was doing here, as I tried to hold back the tears of joy. He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked Calynn if he could be her new dad and opened a little box with a beautiful heart shaped key locket inside. Calynn, excited as could be, said yes and she pulled out the locket she had always wanted. It even has real diamonds in it, is what she loves to tell people! Jason then looked over at me and asked if I would marry him. I could barley utter the word yes as he showed me a ring I could only dream of wearing! As he put the ring on my finger and stood up to hug me, I noticed a local Texas photographer capturing the whole moment on film! Everyone around was clapping as we shared the happiest moment of our lives to this point! I had no idea any of this was going to happen, since Jason had been secretively planning this whole event with my sister as his liaison. We spent the rest of the trip together and he even was able to attend my uncles wedding! It was definitely a dream come true just visiting Magnolia Market, but leaving with a fiance and having the whole moment captured on film was the icing on the cake.


The fact I was in another state wishing Jason was there to share the trip with us and then I walked out of the store to see him there made the trip so much better! Just him surprising me by showing up would have made me happy but on top of that he proposed!


I love how Jason is so commited to loving and providing for not only myself, but Calynn as well. I love how much he loves both of us and is always trying to make us happy and constantly surprising us with things we could have never dreamed of! I also love how hard of a worker he is not only at work but also at how commited he is to working on home we’re currently remodeling.
Christy is easily the most beautiful, selfless & caring person I have ever met in my live. The simple fact that she will not rest until everyone is happy and everyone is having a good time just forces me to love her more and more. She will always put Calynn over anything in the world and does whatever possible to make sure she is taken care of and happy! It is so easy to feel loved by Christy. I have never questioned if her love has waiverd because it is so strong and I feel it at all times. I try my best to be as loving and caring as Christy, but I dont feel it is possible to show the compassion and love, that she shows me nonstop.





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