Genevieve :: 17 Months

I enjoyed taking photos of this little girl so much until she started walking, then it became nearly impossible! I called in a favor (thankful for sweet husbands like Nicholas) to be my backup for Genevieve’s studio session. He ran around for 30 minutes so I could snag some photos of our giant baby girl. I still cant give up using the word “baby”. I know she is a full blown toddler now but I still need some time to get use to the idea. We played outside for an hour one day this week and it was such a great preview for what the future holds… spring cannot come soon enough! I know it will be here before I know it so I’m soaking in all of the down time working on the business side of my business.


TIP TO ALL PARENTS: Have your babies photographed professionally every 3 months for the first year. They change so much in that time and I cherish all of the photos I have of my babe! Once they start walking yearly photos is a more realistic goal.


Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0015Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0016Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0017Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0018Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0019Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0020Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0021Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0022Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0023Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0024Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0025Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0027Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0028Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0029Her Grandmother taught her how to blow kisses. Its kind of cute. Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0030Genevieve by Tifani lyn_0026If you want to replace Genevieve in these photos with your sweet babe, I am accepting a couple children sessions before spring hits!

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