My husband, Matt, and I have been married for just over 6 years now. We have enjoyed many fun adventures together and several big life changes since being married in 2010. A year ago exactly God blessed us with the sweetest baby boy, Luke Elias. A year before we had Luke we added a sweet & spunky Holland Lop bunny into our family. Sofie has given us many laughs the two years we’ve had her and Luke now also enjoys having her as a pet and “fur sister.”:)


We love our home because it’s nestled on land surrounded by trees and wildlife frequent our front and back yard on a daily basis. We often see deer, turkeys, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, birds and a few times even see red foxes and owls. These animals are a constant source of entertainment, even from the comfort of our living room! We bought this home knowing that one day our children would have lots of space to run around outside & play in. My favorite room in our house is one of our family rooms because of the skylight on the ceiling and the bay window. I love all the natural light that flows in! This room also doubles as my studio space for my photography business.


Motherhood has taught me to slow down, soak each day in and learn to enjoy the beauty & details life has to offer. There’s nothing like watching Luke’s eyes light up as he discovers something new or as he seriously & carefully absorbs a new part of the world around him. I’m so thankful that I can stay at home with Luke full time. I love having the freedom to take him to new places and help him grow and discover. I never knew I could love a baby as much as I love Luke. Children truly do make a very special place in your heart. I love being Luke’s mommy. He has also very much stolen his daddy’s heart. It’s so fun seeing the two of them play together. They have many fun father/son adventures to look forward to!


No advice any person or book can offer really prepares a woman for her role as mother. It is hard work having a baby and I quickly learned that it started as soon as I had Luke! The first few months of his life and of motherhood I learned just how strong of a woman I was and am. With much daily prayer and with God’s help I made it past difficult months of sleepless nights, fussy baby stages and much more. Luke has developed into the happiest and sweetest boy. His smile lights up my heart and the hearts of all who know or even just see him for a moment. No one could have ever prepared me for the amount of joy that motherhood also brings.


Matt and I love having a front-row seat to watching our beautiful little human grow and develop before our very eyes. Babies truly are a miracle and a gift from God. We are so thankful to be Luke’s mommy and daddy!





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