Genevieve :: 6 Weeks

Time seems to move differently now that we have this sweet girl in our lives. We have spent 6 weeks together now. On one hand it seems like time has flown by, on the other hand it seems like an eternity since I was pregnant!

Before you have kids you think you can imagine what life will be like & how much you will love them. But, like so many people told me, you honestly have no idea until you have one of your own. I will never forget the moment they laid her on my chest for the first time after she was born. I was so overcome with joy, love, relief, & pure happiness.

This week we have seen lots of smiles from Genevieve. She has almost even let out a giggle or two!

Genevieve 6 weeks by Tifani Lyn Photography_0001


On top of, oh you know… Having a baby. We have been busy with the launch of Boom Town.


Nicholas & I moved back to Grand Rapids back in March to start the process of planting Boom Town. It has been such an exciting adventure seeing it finally take form. We have a dream for a church that returns to the primal message of the gospel — that God’s love, forgiveness, healing and hope are making all things new. A simple vision for a complex world. If you’ve been trying to find a church or trying to avoid one,  Boom Town is a community you might really dig.
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