20 Week Bump | Personal

Well the guessing game is over.

It’s… a… 20 Week bump Gender Announcement Tifani Lyn Photography_0004

We were right! It’s a girl! I am so excited to finally know. Its such an amazing feeling. Being a wedding photographer I think I would compare finding out the gender to a first look. You still have that amazing moment when you walk down the isle, or when the baby is born… But now we will always have that special moment when we found out together. I definitely started crying tears of joy when she told us. If she would have said it was a boy I think we both would have freaked out, ha. It just felt like a girl. & it is! Now to start putting together an inspiration board for the baby room! So exciting 😀20 Week bump Gender Announcement Tifani Lyn Photography_000720 Week bump Gender Announcement Tifani Lyn Photography_0009

Jeans: H&M – I was so happy to find out they sell 34 length! I got a low rise jeans a few sizes too big about a month ago. They are still fitting great & I’m thinking I will be able to wear them a couple months still… we’ll see 😉

Top: H&M

Tank: H&M – this longer length tank from H&M is my new best friend! I’m probably gonna pick up a couple more.

Shoes: Target

Thank you to the sweetest Dionel for snapping these photos for me!

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