19 Week Bump | Personal

Nicholas & I had such a lovely time in Florida! I didn’t bring my camera so I skipped week 18 (oops!). There isn’t anything quite like soaking up some Florida sun with good friends. Nicholas & I have always felt such a connection to the Safety Harbor area so it was so fun getting to visit again.

I finally felt the baby move for the first time last week! It was hardly noticeable unless I had my hand on my stomach but now I can feel it moving all the time. So crazy!

I met up with my friend & fellow photog Dionel & she was kind enough to take some photos for me!Tifani

In the rush of packing I didn’t exactly try anything on before we left… & nothing I packed fit, haha. So poor me had to go shopping ;). After going through the Maternity section at H&M I decided that finding pieces that would fit the baby bump as it grows made more sense than actually buying maternity clothes. So far I have been able to find loose fitting things that I can hopefully wear after baby as well! I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. Being tall I always freak out when I can find a dress that goes to my knees!

Dress: H&M

Belt: Thrifted

Shoes: Marshalls

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