Matt & Korie | Ravines Golf Club Wedding

I woke up this morning to see it is another beautiful day of -8 degree temperatures with a windchill of -27. It has been a crazy winter, I can’t remember a winter that has been this cold in my lifetime! I thought a good way to forget it is so bitter cold outside would be to share a handful of images that haven’t graced the blog yet. This beautiful Bride & Groom got married last year on a beautiful summer day. Lets just pretend for a minute that is the case outside our homes while we flip through these images.

Tifani Lyn Photography Beach WeddingTifani-LyTifani Lyn Photography Beach Weddingn-Photography-Beach-Wedding2Tifani-Tifani Lyn Photography Beach WeddingLyn-Photography-Beach-Wedding3Tifani-Lyn-PhTifani Lyn Photography Beach Weddingotography-Beach-Wedding4Tifani-Lyn-PTifani Lyn Photography Beach Weddinghotography-Beach-Wedding5Tifani Lyn Photography Beach WeddingTifani-Lyn-Photography-Beach-Wedding6Tifani-LynTifani Lyn Photography Beach Wedding-Photography-Beach-Wedding7Tifani-Tifani Lyn Photography Beach WeddingLyn-Photography-Beach-Wedding8Tifani-LynTifani Lyn Photography Beach Wedding-Photography-Beach-Wedding9Every so often I get to work with some fun photographers & be their assistant photographer for the day. This Bride & Groom belonged to my friend Kerri Banyas of Kerry Banyas Photography.

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