Let it snow – Snowflake Tutorial

Christmas is on its way here and I cannot wait! I must admit I am totally one of those people that start decorating for Christmas before it is even Thanksgiving. I am hoping that there is snow here in Michigan when we pick up our Christmas tree this year. If you’ve been following me for a while you might remember my Christmas Tree Engagement session photographed by my now close friend Leah Mullett. We waited and waited for snow and it never came, so we went with out it! Hopefully we will have some snowflakes coming our way so I can have the snowy photos that I’ve been craving.

I was in Grand Rapids last weekend meeting with a lovely bride to be, and since I was in town I stopped by tjmaxx to see what treasures I could find. I came across some ornaments that were made out of some sort of wood that I loved. I took a photo of them & decided to make my own bigger & more sparkly version.

My Christmas inspiration lately has come from the new lookbook by Ruche. It is filled with gorgeous winter layering ideas & lots of sparkle. If you have never heard of Ruche you NEED to check them out, they have a beautiful bridal line and such a classic romantic clothing line. & it is affordable!

Okay, on to the tutorial!


  • Old book (preferably with gold edging)
  • Hot glue gun
  • wire or fishing string
  • Acrylic gloss sealer
  • Gold glitter


  1. Measure out 1″ strips on your book. Use black inc. Decide how many pages thick you want your strips & count out that number x2 when cutting your strips. ( I used 5 pages per strip so I cut 10 pages at a time.)
  2. Leave the 1st strip full length. 2nd & 3rd cut 1/2inch off. 4th & 5th 1inch off. 6th & 7th 2inches off. I didn’t actually measure each time I used a piece of the cut paper as a template for each size. & go by what ever length looks good for what your working with, you don’t have to stick to my measurements.
  3. Bend the strips in half and hold at the bottom to create a petal of your snowflake.
  4. Find something heavy to lay on the petal, it will help the shape of it curve inward.
  5. Hold the bottom of the snowflake petal very tightly while tying your wire or fishing string around the end of it. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have 8 petals.
  6. Take a stack of paper strips and roll them together & tie them with wire or string.
  7. Hot glue the entire bottom of your petal. Try & get glue on every piece of paper, this will be what is the binding to hold it all together. Once you have covered the bottom in hot glue place it on the roll of paper & hold tightly until the glue has dried.
  8. Repeat step 7 & make a cross with the petals, then fill in the diagonal spots.
  9. Add extra glue to the edges (this is the only thing holding the entire snowflake together so dont be stingy!).
  10. Glue the edges of each petal together so they are more secure.
  11. I didn’t take photos of this… But I did a coat of the Acrylic Gloss sealer over the entire snowflake to give it a shine & let it dry. Then I sprayed a section of the edge of the snowflake & poured glitter onto it. Continue around the entire edge until you have a gorgeous sparkly snowflake. Spray another coat of the sealer over the glitter to secure it.




Scroll down to my tips to see the timeliest way to cut & sort these!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The Process & Tips ( learned the hard way…)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

When I first started cutting the strips I just took a chuck of paper my scissors could get trough & then counted the strips into groups of 5… I found that starting with a stack of 10 pages that were then cut into groups of 10 strips… then cut to the correct length & separated into two groups of 5. ( sorry if that made no sense.) When your cutting this quantity of strips of paper, if the less times you have to count to 5 the better ;).

I chose to make my large snowflake with 5 page thick strips, but with my smaller one I only used 3. I wanted to have them pretty thick, but it all depends on the thickness of your paper.

The first snowflake I started with trying to wrap the fishing wire through the middle of the petal and through the circle with a mixture of hot glue in places… I soon realized this was an awful idea and also looked really bad so I switched to using a ton of hot glue on the edge of the petal. Don’t ever doubt the power of hot glue!

When your spraying the sealer onto the snowflake & adding the glitter find some gloves to wear or something to hold the snowflake so you don’t turn into a glittery mess for the day like I did!

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